Welcomto the home page for the Sonairte Ecobuild project! Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

We are  pushing ahead with plans for community built eco-friendly dwelling at Sonairte Ecology Centre in Co. Meath. The building aims to have multi-functions as a study centre, an office space, sleeping quarters, a knowledge hub, and an educational centre for renewable technologies and sustainable self-build practices! In keeping with a re-use ethos we will utilise reusable building materials and incorporate existing renewable technology displays into the structure where possible. The building is inspired by Earthship and Passivehaus design principles  and its compact structure uses innovative internal spacing to achieve its aims.

So check out the menu to find out more! This is an open source collaboration currently undertaken by a team of skilled volunteers.  We want to continue to build a community of like-minded people and empower each other to come together and gain the skills and expertise needed to build a greener future. So if you,  feel you can contribute time, skills or expertise to any aspect of the project, or indeed if our knowledge and community can help you with your own eco-build aspirations, please get in touch!

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